Monday, October 25, 2004

Boston and Chicago

I just completed my lecture and workshop at the Theosophical Society in Wheaton and was happy with the response and interest. On Friday, in Chicago at Transitions Bookshop, I also did a book signing and gave a talk to what appeared to me as a standing room only audience. I am really excited to see how well the Bleep movie is being received, even though it is slow to make it way back East of the Rockies. Next stop in Martha’s Vineyard (see my web site for more info.)

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Fred Alan Wolf's Parallel Universes

I am spending a quiet Sunday after my appearance on Michael Benner's KPFK radio show in greater Los Angeles and my two appearances in Anaheim at the Learning Light Center where on two occasions I spoke to standing room only audiences about the kind of stuff that goes through my mind, such as time travel, yoga, the quantum physics in the Bleep movie, and where we are all going as we parade our way through the 21st century.
It was really amazing to me that there was so much interest. More about this later.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

You know it's funny.

I'm just about to begin the hectic schedule of speaking, book signing, and doing radio spots all in connection with my new book. It just so happens that the book was released just as the "Bleep" movie started making the great rounds it currently is enjoying. I am certainly grateful but I find it funny that all this is happening now when frankly I could just as well take life easier.
But life has a sense of humor. I remember when I got started in this game of writing books and doing speaking gigs. Then it was hard to get the kind of publicity I now enjoy and I would have given nearly anything to get it. Now, I just take it as it comes and goes. Always with a smile.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Fred Alan Wolf's Parallel Universes

Hi blog readers! I will just add a few short words here to let you all know I am off and running tommorow with my first "Yoga of Time Travel" presentation in Southern California. I'll fill you all in after the talk.